Best Green Tea Brands in India (2020)

There are a lot of brands selling green tea nowadays online on Amazon, Flipkart and also on their own websites. A lot of them are good and selling good products but, most of them are just plain terrible. They are just selling it because it’s good money as people are gravitating more towards healthy lifestyle and green tea is one of the hot selling product right now. In this list today I’ll tell you which brands are the best to buy considering the quality and the price.

Green tea

Before starting the list I would like to highlight and request everyone to buy only loose leaves as buying a tea bag of green tea is, first of all not healthy as found out in a study recently which suggested that the pin on the bags are unhealthy and second, the quantity used is less in loose leaf and also the flavour is better. In loose leaf try to only buy organic green tea as there are less amount of chemicals which goes without saying is more healthy for you.

Brands list:

1) Teabox

Green tea, tea teabox loose-leaf

This is an Indian brand, founded in 2012 which sources its tea mostly from Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiris and Nepal. The company has been featured in top 100 companies in the Red Herring in Asia pacific region. Personally I use only teabox teas and they have not disappointed me in terms of flavour and quality of the tea.

  • Good flavour
  • Varieties of flavours to choose from among green tea alone.
  • Good customer support if you need any.
  • Ship internationally also.
  • Have other teas like white tea, black tea, oolong tea, blender tea.
  • Give complimentary teas also if you order from their website.


  • Only con that is there is it’s comparitively more expensive than any other brands.

2) Organic India

Green tea, organic India, loose leaf flavoured tea

It’s also an Indian brand which sells only organic teas. They sell other different teas also along with other beauty oriented products.

  • Every product is organic ( as per the website)
  • More affordable than tewbox
  • Ship internationally
  • Have other products also like moisturiu, massage oil etc
  • More quantity with respect to the price


  • Less varieties of flavours
  • Customer support is not better than teabox.

3) The Indian Chai

Green tea

They are also an Indian brand. They are among the newest in the market.

  • Varieties of flavours and teas
  • Ship internationally
  • Good packaging


  • Comparitively expensive
  • Website is a little confusing to buy anything and needs to be optimised for mobile.

4) Teamonk

Tea monk global green tea

Also an Indian brand which has started 3 years ago. The tea is pretty nice in taste and smell but the quality is a bit lower than other brands on the list.

  • Varieties of teas and flavours
  • Affordable price
  • Ship internationally
  • More quantity in the price


  • Somewhat weaker customer support.
  • Website needs updation to show products properly.

Conclusion: In the end it’s always logical to research before buying any product. It’s especially true for a country like India because the rules and regulations are comparatively weaker than others and also the enforcement of them are weaker. I’ve tried to highlight a few important and reasonably reputed brands, so that it might help you in choosing the right product.

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One thought on “Best Green Tea Brands in India (2020)

  1. Green tea is a very popular form of tea in Japan and China, which was discovered in Ancient China in the year 2737 BC. It has been very well adopted by other countries in the world.
    It is considered as a miracle cure for aging, obesity, skin problems and cancer. Green Tea leaves are taken from the plant known as Camellia Sinensis.


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