How to Overcome Boredom

Studies have shown that you can actually be bored to death! Yes, you read it correctly. People who frequently report feeling of being bored run a greater risk of dying from heart disease or a stroke. So people don’t die just yet. Fighting boredom doesn’t have to be a top secret spy mission. There are simpler ways to overcome it especially during current situation as everyone is locked in their homes. Before learning how to overcome let’s have a look at some causes.


It is defined as the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest. Boredom doesn’t just pop up out of nowhere. In fact, there are mental and physical precursors that trigger it. Some people are very proficient at avoiding these precursors, meaning that they rarely, if ever, feel bored.


The rapid progress of technology has led us to be distracted all day with the electronic gadgets. These gadgets may alleviate our feeling of boredom for some time but after that our mind needs other distractions. In this fast paced world we are so used to move around and do something every now and then, whenever we have nothing to or are unable to do our chores, we develop a feeling being bored. There various physical and mental precursors that bring about boredom.

1) Psychological

Boredom happens when one is constantly trying to find out something to do, even when not needed or not possible. Relaxation and boredom does not occur together.

2) Mind Wandering

Mind wandering increases boredom. One may realise that their mind is wandering because they are bored, which reinforces the feeling of boredom.

3) Lack of Control

If one is not in control of a situation, they may find themselves getting bored. For example going to a party where there is no one similar to you to talk with and you can’t leave also. You may get bored even if the party is good.

4) Lack of Motivation

Laziness and boredom form a vicious cycle: boredom increases laziness and vice versa. The only way to break this cycle is to jump into action, despite lacking the energy to do so.

5) Pattern interruption

Another important root cause of boredom can be the interruption of your regular patterns. Meaning that your schedule has suddenly/unexpectedly changed. The result of this unexpected pattern interruption is oftentimes a severe feeling of being terribly bored.

6) Past boredom

If you were bored in the past, for instance in gym, then you may feel bored while doing physically demanding tasks.

7) Lack of energy

When you’re mentally tired but physical not, boredom may set in automatically.

Ways to Overcome Boredom

1) Kindle your creativity

According to philosopher Soren Kierkegaard, “Because it is possible to create … one has anxiety. One would have no anxiety if there were no possibility whatever.” The same is true for boredom.

For example

  • Write something
  • Invent
  • Pursue a hobby that you were holding off
  • Draw

2) Meditation

Meditation can be really helpful as it helps to balance out inner thoughts and to calm the mind. Mindfulness excercises increase focus and help in alleviation of negative feelings.

3) Surround yourself with energizing people

Continuously surrounding yourself with people who are engaging in mindless and boring activities will eventually pull you into their bubble as well. On the other hand, by connecting with interesting people, you’ll always discover something new and exciting. No one is more energizing than your own family. If you are with family spend some quality time with them.

4) Learn something new

Trying to learn something new engages almost every part of the brain as it has to process completely new information including skills needed for that particular activity.

  • Watch a documentary
  • Read a random Wikipedia/etc. article each day
  • Explore different intelligent YouTube channels
  • Go to a museum
  • Ask your friends to teach you an important skill
  • Explore your local environment
  • Go to an exhibition

5) Eliminate procrastination

Do what needs to be done. Address the tasks you’re responsible of and you will not only kill the habit of procrastination, but you will also kill boredom.

6) Complete your to-do list

Make a habit of maintaining a to-do list. It will not only help in completing your daily work but also give you time to do other stuff like working on a hobby.

7) Avoid mindless activities

Stop surfing the internet 24×7. Passively surfing and scrolling the internet does not engage your mind and you get bored after sometime.

8) Excercise

There is no good time to start some form of workout especially now. Everyone is at home so start doing some excercise to get you in the flow.

9) Talk to your loved ones

I think one of the nicest things that has come from this pandemic is the reminder to reach out to people we care about.

10) Learn to Cook

There has never been a better time to beef up your cooking skills, as many health officials are recommending that you eat and cook at home right now to protect your health. A great place to start learning if you’re alone is YouTube as millions of cooking videos will help you.

11) Read

Whether you’re reading physical books, digital books, or just online articles, reading is a great way to occupy yourself and keep your mind sharp.

There are so many ways that on can engage themselves. Above are a few of them. If you want more then the whole web is available to you. Go search for what you want to do and start doing!

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